F5 Webinar - Leveraging Application Services

19/03/19 11:00 – 19/03/19 12:00 Webinar

Location :Webinar

F5 Webinar Leveraging Application Services

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 11:00 am GMT

Speaker: Bart Salaets, Senior Director, Solution Architects EMEA

Applications are the most valuable asset of the digital economy and their deployments are exploding.
Attend this webinar to explore the transforming world of applications and learn how:

  • Multi-cloud application services can enhance and secure your application capital

  • New cloud-native application services, designed and built for modern app development,
    can help you deploy applications fast and cost-effectively

  • Application services can give developers time back and make them more productive

  • Managed cloud services can enable “as-a-service” consumption of application services




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