Westcon Symantec Web Isolation Roadshow Belgium

14/03/19 09:30 – 14/03/19 14:00 Westcon Office Vilvoorde

Location :Westcon Office Vilvoorde

Have you seen an increase in threats hitting your endpoints? And how many of these threats are delivered by uncategorized or risky websites? Isolation will help you get to 100% secure browsing.

Web Isolation

  • protects against emails with links to malicious websites
  • prevents users from submitting corporate credentials
  • allows to isolate links in email to prevent phishing threats and credential attacks

Lior Dolphin, the Symantec expert for Web Isolation will tell you in this session how to make browsing safe again. It is a unique opportunity to hear and meet the former member of the Fireglass team, Lior Dolphin. Today Lior holds the position of Director of Emerging Technologies within Symantec and is specialized into the Web and Email Isolation product suite.

Agenda 10:00 - 13:00


Browsers – The Ultimate Attack Surface

Symantec Web Isolation – What is it and Why?

Live Demo

Customer Use Cases: What is involved and practical examples

Followed by Lunch