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Check Point IPS

Complete Intrusion Prevention Functionality IPS


 The IPS Software Blade is a perfect compliment to your Check Point Firewall protection, further securing your network without degrading your gateway performance.





Fully-Featured IPS The IPS Software Blade provides a complete IPS security solution, providing comprehensive network protection against malicious and unwanted network traffic, including:

  • Malware attacks
  • Dos and DDoS attacks
  • Application and Server vulnerabilities
  • Insider threats
  • Unwanted application traffic, including IM and P2P

Trusted Security

  • Thousands of Protections – The IPS Software Blade comes with over 2,000 protections and is constantly updated in real-time. Many of Check Point’s IPS protections are pre-emptive, providing defenses before vulnerabilities are discovered or exploits are even created.
  • Microsoft Vulnerability coverage - Check Point is ranked #1 in Microsoft threat coverage, including preemptive protections against emerging vulnerabilities and exploits.

Industry-Leading Total System Performance - Check Point leads the industry with its multi-gigabit total system performance for firewall with integrated IPS. The IPS Blade provides up to 10x the performance of existing integrated security gateways with integrated IPS capabilities, and 22x faster performance with over 2000 security protections enabled.

Extensive IPS Performance Options - Check Point offers IPS Software Blade options to meet any throughput requirement.




Multi-Method Engine - The multi-method IPS engine provides pre-emptive and accurate detection by leveraging integrated behavioral and signature-based detection and analysis.

  • Accelerated performance
  • Increased protection accuracy




Dynamic Threat Management - With the IPS Software Blade and the Security Management blade you gain a new, dynamic management paradigm for today’s high volume, real-time and evolving threat environment.Check Point’s threat management workflows allow you to handle constant change quickly and efficiently, reducing your management overhead and allowing you to confidently and promptly deploy protections

  • New Protections Sandbox - Builds confidence in a ‘sandbox’ environment with no impact on your network.
  • Automatic Protection Activation – Activation of new protections, based on configurable parameters (performance impact, confidence index, threat severity). The difficulties of constant, individual management of thousands of protections is eliminated.


  • Unified Management – The IPS blade is configured and managed through a common Check Point management interface—the same one used to manage other Security Gateway Blades and Check Point’s dedicated IPS.
  • Configurable, Actionable Monitoring – Track events through detailed reports and logs of what is most important. The new Security Management blades for IPS and Provisioning simplify threat analysis and reduce operational overhead.
    • Business–level Views – Customizable reports provide easy monitoring of critical security events associated with your business critical systems.
    • Multi–Dimensional Sorting – Drag–and–Drop columns of event data and the information is automatically re–ordered.
    • Actionable Event Logs – Edit the associated protection, create an exception, or view packet data directly from log entries.




Painless Deployment

  • Deployed on Your Existing Firewall – Reduces deployment time and costs by leveraging existing security infrastructure.
  • Granular Protection control - Easy-to-use protection profiles allow administrators to define signature and protection activation rules that match the security needs of your network assets.
  • Predefined Default and Recommended profiles – Provide immediate and easy use out-of-the-box with profiles tuned to optimize security or performance.
  • Optional Detect-Only Mode – Sets all your existing protections to only detect, but not block traffic to allow you to evaluate your profile without risking disruption.

Protection before the Patch - Patching is an incomplete security measure, which can leave your network open for attack. By taking a more comprehensive approach, which combines robust IPS functionality with a concerted patching strategy, network administrators can better equip themselves to handle Patch Tuesdays and secure the network between updates.  Find out how to leverage Check Point’s IPS offerings to make Patch Tuesday just another day.

 Total Security Value - The IPS blade provides Total Security delivered at half the acquisition cost of multiple standalone solutions. Gain up to 10x better price/performance of existing integrated IPS solutions.

Integrated IPS Advantages - Integrated IPS has many advantages that are making it a new standard in security.

  • Reduces costs by consolidating multiple independent solutions - By integrating an IPS Software Blade into your existing firewall, you save on:
    • Equipment purchase
    • Hardware footprint
    • Training and ongoing management
    • Rack space
    • Cabling
    • Cooling
    • Power
  • Facilitates reduced latency
    • By inspecting the traffic only once for both firewall and IPS protection, integrated IPS causes less bottlenecking.
  • Provides cohesive security policy
    • An integrated solution drives a single, cohesive security policy.
  • Offers common management and training
    • Reduced management and training expenses
    • Reduces errors and oversights
    • Better match with IT organizational structures
    • Increased operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Make IPS deployment easier



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