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Mobile Access Software Blade

Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade is the safe and easy sMobile Accessolution for you to connect to corporate applications over the internet with your Smartphone or PC. The solution provides enterprise-grade remote access via SSL VPN, allowing you simple, safe and secure connectivity to your email, calendar, contacts and corporate applications.


Simply connect from mobile devices

Secure connectivity from a wide variety of devices including Smartphone, PCs, Mac and Linux Provides client-based and web-based VPN connectivity For mobile workers with managed or unmanaged devices Intuitive, customizable interface offers users easy access to applications--all with a single-sign-on

Keeps your data secure

Communicate security with proven encryption techonology Verify authorized users through two-factor authentication and User-Device pairing Protect data on lost or stolen devices with device-lock and remote-wipe Shield corporate web and email servers from attack

Unified management and reporting for simple deployment and administration

Deploy and configure the Mobile Access Software Blade on your existing Security Gateway Fully integrated with Check Point Security Policy Manager Activate user-certificates with one click


Gaetan Fontaine

Product Manager

+32 479985459