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Check Point Blade Infrastructure

Check Point Software Blade Architecture


The Check Point Software Blade Architecture supports a complete and increasing selection of Software Blades, each delivering a modular security gateway or security management function. Because Software Blades are modular and moveable, Software Blades enable users to efficiently and quickly tailor Security Gateway and Management functionality to specific and changing security needs. New blades are quickly licensed as needed without the addition of new hardware.



• Flexibility - Provides the right level of protection at the right level of investment

• Manageability - Enables fast deployment of security services.
Increases productivity through centralized blade management.

• Total Security - Provides the right level of security, at all enforcement points, and at all layers of the network

• Lower TCO - Protects investment through consolidation and use of existing hardware infrastructure

• Guaranteed performance - Enables provisioning of resources that guarantee service levels


 Check Point Step by Step Guide


Whether designing a solution for corporate headquarters, a data center or a branch office, creating a system takes just three easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a Security Management or Security Gateway Container
Step 2: Select needed Software Blades
Step 3: Configure and Deploy system
The result is a complete gateway or management system configured precisely to a specific business need.


For more information and a short film on Check Point Blades, CLICK HERE


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