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New PureAdvantage Partner Program

In order to help Check Point partners achieve maximum success, Check Point is introducing the new PureAdvantage Partner Program. The new program offers partners a robust set of business resources and program benefits to improve partner success when marketing, selling and implementing Check Point solutions.
The program’s effective date is January 1, 2008.
The PureAdvantage Partner Program features:
Customized programs and certifications by market segment
Clearly defined levels for partners and distributors, enabling them to grow with Check Point with different programs and promotions to best serve their needs.

Improved partner rewards
Greater rewards for higher program levels through a tiered discount model, Secure Margin program and incentive programs for sales growth.

Enhanced marketing support program
Simplified and faster processes for joint marketing activities, new partner co-op system and new mutual marketing campaigns.
The PureAdvantage program is designed to recognize investment in skilled sales and technical resources, and create new revenue opportunities for partners of all sizes. If you need more information right away, please contact your Check Point sales specialists at





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Product Manager

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