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HP ArcSight Express

Security Expert in a box

 HP ArcSight Express correlates seemingly unrelated events and NetFlow data from network devices using the most advanced real-time correlation techniques. By correlating disparate events and NetFlow data, it can detect even the most subtle attacks. As a result, organizations can cut through millions of activities to focus on the most critical incidents affecting the organization. This provides better security and faster response with fewer resources. HP ArcSight Express also includes the first log management solution to fully integrate field-based and raw text search across structured and unstructured log data.


  • CORR-Engine: Re-architected data-store optimized for correlating huge amounts of data
  • Integrated NetFlow, security and privileged user monitoring for accurate incident prioritization
  • IT policy compliance for bandwidth usage and network resource allocation
  • Regulatory compliance readiness for government and industry audits
  • New management console to streamline SIEM administration

HP ArcSight Express Technical specifications


Geert Busse

Solutions Manager BENELUX