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HP TippingPoint Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System

Protection against advanced threats

HP TippingPoint’s Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System delivers a significant leap forward in threat protection. Providing new application level security functionality combined with user awareness and inbound / outbound content inspection capabilities, HP’s scalable NGIPS dynamically protects your applications, network, and data from new and advanced threats.

HP TippingPoint’s NGIPS uses adaptive intelligence to protect your network from the most advanced and sophisticated attacks, delivering these threat protection capabilities:

Application Awareness and Enforcement
Through HP TippingPoint AppDV, GeoLocation, and RepDV services, HP can identify and classify applications in real-time and then take action to block attacks and/or families of attacks by geographic origin or destination, at the application layer, independent of port or protocol.

Context Awareness
Provides increased confidence and visibility into alert severity by evaluating user information, GeoLocation, Reputation Awareness, and ThreatLinQ intelligence. Then, by integrating that information into a single console, the HP TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS), you get more actionable event data and better policy decision making.

Content Awareness
HP TippingPoint’s NGIPS prevents the spread of malware by inspecting inbound and outbound communications for content and executables, giving you the ability to identify and stop malicious traffic that may be communicating with command-and-control servers or attempting to steal user information.

Agile Engine
HP TippingPoint’s NGIPS easily integrates new services from HP TippingPoint’s DVLabs such as AppDV, WebAppDV and RepDV to ensure you’re protected against new types of threats. New defense techniques are dynamically incorporated into the NGIPS, providing you with investment protection and reduced capital expenditures.

First Generation IPS Features
HP TippingPoint has a long history of providing in-line, real time vulnerability threat protection featuring high inspected throughput and low latency.

What Makes HP TippingPoint NGIPS Better?
In addition to the award winning NGIPS device, HP TippingPoint provides industry leading intelligence research through our unique HP TippingPoint DVLabs organization.
Our DVLabs team defines, develops and delivers our NGIPS security services, including Reputation DV, Application DV, Web Application DV, Digital Vaccine Toolkit, and our Digital Vaccine filter service. When combined with our HP TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS) and ThreatLinQ security portal, you get instant visibility into the global threat environment, and integrated event data, resulting in better policy decision making, better device management, and a better security posture for your network.

Models for HP TippingPoint Next Generation IPS (N-Platform)

HP TippingPoint Next Generation IPS (N-Platform)


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