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HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework

Securing the Path to the Cloud

Security for Virtual and Cloud Data Centers
The HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework (SVF) is designed specifically for implementing best-in-class threat protection for virtualized and cloud infrastructure. It incorporates the advantages of its trusted and proven physical data center solutions into this new environment.

Overall Benefits
•    Extends HP TippingPoint's industry-leading threat research capabilities, breadth of protection, ease-of-use, and automation to include virtual and cloud infrastructure
•    Enables HP TippingPoint customers to extend their existing processes, methodologies and tools to secure virtual infrastructure
•    Provides unmatched network and security policy visibility and management for virtual networks

Solution Components (not including the HP TippingPoint IPS Platform)
•    Virtual Controller (vController) – Policy enforcement that permits, blocks, or tunnels packets for deep packet inspection
•    Virtual Management Center (vMC) – Included with vController and integrated with VMware vCenter to provide network and security visibility and policy control
•    Virtual Firewall (vFW) provides firewall zoning and segmentation across trust zones

Separation of Duties
•    The HP TippingPoint Secure Virtual Framework supports Separation of Duties between operations and network / security teams, and enables security teams to monitor the vSwitch and VM changes to identify tampering or disablement of security controls.

Digital Vaccine Service
•    Based on HP TippingPoint DVLabs, the Digital Vaccine Service ensures always up-to-date protection against emerging threats. Digital Vaccine filters are created to not only address specific exploits, but also for potential attack permutations, protecting customers from zero-day threats to hypervisors, operating systems, services, applications and virtual infrastructure.


Geert Busse

Solutions Manager BENELUX