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Infoblox NIOS

It’s the only core network services (DDI) infrastructure solution that can be managed by a single unified GUI. That means:

    * Easier management and deployment of DNS/DNSSEC, DHCP and IPAM;
    * Better automation and delegation; and
    * Enhanced auditing and compliance.

Unleash the Power of Automation

NIOS is the most powerful core network services platform available, automating the delivery and management of critical DNS/DNSSEC, DHCP, IPAM and other core network services. By eliminating layers of routine tasks and manual processes, Infoblox NIOS makes networks more available, more secure, more flexible and less costly to operate.

A new graphical user interface (GUI) is at the core of the NIOS 5.0R1. This new GUI allows administrators to deploy and manage the entire DNS/DNSSEC, DHCP and IPAM infrastructure with mouse clicks. The powerful, Web-based Infoblox GUI is the only solution that manages all aspects of the infrastructure and data – including software updates and upgrades, backup and restore, disaster recovery and all services and data management – without resorting to client-based or command-line interfaces


Infoblox NIOS iGrid Manager™ Application For Monitoring on the Go


Infoblox iphoneMonitor the health of your core network services and infrastructure from your iPhone. This application gives the system administrator instant access to key information regarding the health of their 5.0+ Grid including:

* Protocol / Service status for DNS/DNSSEC, DHCP, TFTP, HTTP, FTP, bloxTools, and NTP; and
* Appliance / Hardware status for CPU Usage, DB Capacity Usage, LAN Port, LCD, Memory Usage, NTP Synchronization, Replication, Temperature

With NIOS iGrid Manager, you are never too far away from your Grid.


Flexible IPAM-only administrative role

Flexible, granular administrative controls enable role-based assignment of management capabilities for different administrative users and roles. The granular controls, extensive error-prevention and detailed audit logs enable secure, delegated administration for different locations and functional groups. IPAM-specific permissions allow administrative roles specific to IP address management for easy delegation.

Task scheduling for management automation

Users can queue management tasks for execution at user designated times. They can also modify, reschedule and cancel previously scheduled tasks. With task scheduling administrators can:

* Allow junior level members of the team to schedule configuration changes and review changes before they are executed; and
* Avoid the need to be present during routine, off-hour maintenance windows.


Push button DNSSEC implementation and management

DNSSEC management is completely automated. Zones are signed with a single command and are re-signed automatically when records are updated. Keys are generated and distributed automatically. Infoblox provides the only DNSSEC solution with fully automated key management and key rollover.

Smart folders are now smarter

Smart Folders provide a way to organize, view and manipulate your network data. NIOS release 5.0 allows any type of object to be part of a smart folder. Additionally, multi-level Smart Folders can also have up to 10 levels of nesting making it easy to create complex hierarchies e.g.

An administrator can quickly navigate to any network by simply following the links for quick troubleshooting of network problems or to finish an administrative task.

Enhanced auditing and compliance

Detailed logging and reporting with filtering, sorting, searching and exporting turns mounds of data into useful, actionable information.


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Product Manager

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